Isalu Hospitals is here to provide you with top-notch ambulance services that can save lives in critical moments. Our dedicated team of highly skilled medical professionals is committed to delivering swift, reliable, and compassionate care to those in need..

Isalu Hospitals,

Your Trusted
Specialist Hospital Lagos, Nigeria.

We provide quality medical care that caters to the total health and wellbeing of families. Both private patient and HMO.

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No existing appointment with us and you need profesional healthcare services? yes can walk-in

Urgent Care

In need of professional healthcare urgently? Yes! were available to take your call anytime.


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Isalu Hospitals is trusted by these organisations to provide the best medical care.

Our Services

Isalu Hospital is internationally renowned for its excellence in many medical specialties, including obsterics and gynaecology, urology,  psychiatry, rheumatology and paediatric care etc.

Online Booking

Online medical consultation with a doctor? Bookings made easy with our doctors and specialists waiting for your medical queries.

Family Medicine

We provide the most variety of services to you as an individual or as a member of a family. From infancy to older adult and everything in between.

Laboratory Services

We provide a full range of diagnostic testing, clinical and consultative medical laboratory services with cutting edge equipments 

Emergency Services

We offer emergency medical services (EMS), also known as ambulance services or paramedic services also an urgent pre-hospital treatment

VIP Hospital Services

We provide extra services to our VIP patients, such as access to special menus, dedicated personal care assistant etc

24 Hours Services

We offer a round the clock medical services for our patients. This means we are open to serve you 24/7. We are ready to serve when you’re ready.

About Isalu hospitals

Isalu Hospitals has more than two decades of expertise in the healthcare industry and is well-known for offering high-quality care and a useful experience to both local and foreign patients. Our healthcare services are backed by a team of caring and committed medical specialists with extensive expertise and experience in their fields.

Our Testiomonials

Excellent healthcare service with professional doctors and very experienced nurses. My experience at the hospital while on admission was nothing close to what i have experienced with most. Kudos! please keep up the good work.

Mrs. Obajimi O

Accountant, Mabels Hair

Professional doctors who appear to be very compasionate. Using this hospitals for over 10 years and counting, never had a reason to rethink why i trusted my health with them and to prove this, i recently told my HMO i can only receive care here at Isalu Hospitals.

Mr. Michael I


I owe it to God for helping me locate a specialist hospital like Isalu. Child delivery services here at Isalu Hospitals are Explicitly tremendous. With an excellent custumer service experience offered to me, I sincerely appreciate it all.

Mrs. Seun A