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Our Matron



Here at Isalu Hospitals, we have an experienced matron who leads teams of nursing staff in the various wards and clinical services we offer. Our matron is vital to running of our wards, and come with a wealth of knowledge and expertise to impart to our nurses.

Her Crucial Role As Matron

Our matron has a key role in providing an efficient and effective service to our patients. Part of her role is to focus on improving cleanliness in the area of the hospital. She looks at preventing hospital acquired infections, coinciding with the Department of Health’s ‘Clean, Safe Care: Reducing Infections and Saving Lives’.

Another element of her role is to review and improve clinical care in the relevant section. This happens continually and is a key task for our matron.

She also leads by example – whether that is by treating patients with the dignity and respect they deserve or ensuring that nursing levels are in line with patient needs.

Other elements of her role includes:

  • giving nurses in their teams the opportunity to take on a wider range of clinical tasks
  • making sure each patient under their care get their nutritional needs met
  • improving wards for patients
  • resolving problems for patients and their relatives through building close relationships during their time on the ward.